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Hello! My name is Kat and I am so honored you found yourself on my website today. I would love to find more out about you. In the meantime, let me tell you a bit about myself. I have lived in Columbus, Ohio for about 12 years. I am married to the most supportive husband and we have our loving Doula Dog, Nala. 

Birth and pregnancy have sparked fire in my soul since I was young. I have always been interested in the power of birthing people. I was given the honor to be apart of my best friend's birth a couple years ago and that set me on the path I am on now. I am training with Mama Glow to become your Columbus, Ohio doula. My job as a doula is to remind you that you have what it takes to go through this journey. One of my main goals is to make certain you know and understand your options and rights as a birthing person. I am excited to be apart of the growing movement to support and shower love on birthing people! It really takes a community of support for you to feel like you are not alone. I am so honored to be apart of your journey. Learn more about me on my instagram: @babybirddoula

In my spare time, I love to read, spend time outside, journal, cross stitch, drink any warm drink, and spend time with Doula Dog, Nala. 

Kat Kirk-Holmes

Doula in Columbus, Ohio

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