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Providing everything you need for supporting your

journey in the Birthworld in Columbus, Ohio



The Doula Love package is for you if you are looking for complete care. You receive:

- A zoom call to see if we are a good fit to work together. This gives you an opportunity to ask me any questions and gain information as to how I help support you through this journey.

- 2-3 visits before your big day. One of the meetings can be at a doctor's appointment (COVID permitting.)  During this time together, we will be finding your support system, shifting through the inundation of information you receive when you are pregnant, cultivating a Birth Preference Plan, creating a mobile pantry, and so much more! 

- I will be by your side during all of your labor to support and encourage you and your babe coming Earthside, as well as supporting your partner and getting them involved. We all work as a team!

- After baby and mama are born, there will be 1-3 visits postpartum. With these visits, we process your birth story, go over your personalized support systems, light cleaning, or caring for baby while you care for yourself.


- You will have access to my Doula Library during our time together. 

- I will create a custom-made cross stitch for you and your new family.

- You will have email and Telegram options to ask me questions or share information with me anytime of day. I will guarantee contact back within 48 hours.

- Once you are 38-42 weeks, I will be on call 24/7.

Package $1,100

Image by Leo Moko

Postpartum Doula

The Postpartum Doula Package is available for you if you want support in your first days/weeks of being born as a new parent. It does not matter if this is your first or your fifth, each time you bring a baby home, it can feel exciting, yet overwhelming. I am here to help support you through this journey. This package includes:

- Assistance with your support system after you come home, as well as help with baby's arrival announcement.

- Assistance with postpartum nourishment and meal planning.

- Although I am not there to babysit, I will hold and keep the baby so that you can take a shower, nap, or time to yourself.

- Light cleaning.

- Breastfeeding support.

- We will go over any questions you have and process your birth and so much more!

 Package is based on a minimum of 6 hours at $40/hour. 

The hours can be overnight or during the day, whichever you choose! 

Image by Leo Moko
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